Trigonometry Activity 2

Using the same technique of using Mathematical heuristics, solve the following problem and post the (i) assumptions (if any) (ii) process and (iii) solution in the Group's page.

The diagram shows a loading ramp used for ferries. It is supported by cables that are fed out from a tower and fixed half way along the ramp A.
The ramp must be fixed so that it is horizontal at high tide.
The maximum angle of depression allowed, at low tide on the ramp is 18 degrees.

(a) Explain, using simple mathematical terms, the above problem.
(b) At which of these ports could this ramp be used?
     Justify your answer fully from Mathematics and engineering points of view?

     Harbour            Tidal range
     Arden               4.28 m
     Jameston           2.86 m
     Daleen              3.85 m
     Palter                3.54 m

(c) A sensor is to be fitted to the cable sounding alarm when the slope reaches 18
     How far from A should the sensor be fixed?
     Explain the reason(s) for having this alarm.

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