Heuristic Problem solving in Mathematics (Activity 1)

Two men facing a tall building notice the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 30o and 60o respectively. If the height of the building is known to be 
h =120 m, find the distance (in meters) between the two men.

Heuristic Problem Solving
Stage 1
Question any assumptions
Key in your assumption/s in the linoit individually.

Questions surfaced from Stage 1:

Stage 2
Solve the Problem Individually (my perspective)
Once your assumptions and hypothesis have been clarified, start working on the problem individually. No discussion with anyone for this stage.
Added Scenario:
You are the Civil and Structural Engineer and the 2 men are the land surveyors from a Company. You have to pit your skills and knowledge with engineers from other companies. 

Stage 3
Collaboration - seeking multiple perspectives
In the big group of 5-6 students, present and discuss your solution with the group. 
Focus on the assumptions/hypothesis, Process and the validity of the final solution(s).
Post your Group's solution as a New Post with the following criteria:
Post Title: Heuristic Solution (Group number)
Present the following:
- Assumptions Made
- Process (how you solved the problem) - what method/approach you used eg diagrams, on-line resources
- Final Solution

Stage 4
Peer Assessment
Review the solution(s) from other groups. 
To facilitate process, follow the following:
Group 1 to comment on Group 2
Group 2 to comment on Group 3
Group 3 to comment on Group 4
Group 4 to comment on Group 1

Stage 5
Self Assessment
Review the comments made by the other group.
Be prepared to defend or justify your POV.
However, if an error has been committed - learn from it.

So ... what is there a FINAL solution that all the engineers could agree upon? Justify your answer.

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