by Mr Johari

A function has input and output. A good analogy of this would

be a vending machine.

  1. Explain further why this analogy is used to depict a function?
  2. Can you think of other analogy?
  3. What are the assumptions made?



  1. 1. A function is an equation that changes the input (a number) into an output (another number) , in this case the input is the money you put in to buy the product and the output is the product itself.

    2. Washing machine . (Input = dirty cloths)(Output = clean clothes)

    3. The output / input is not 0
    The function is not ( times 0)

  2. 1) Vending machine represent the function. When you put in money into the vending machine, there is an input. In turn the product is obtain which is output.

    2) Agriculture (Input: Seed, time, effort) (Output: Crops)

    3) The input is a real number.
    The function is single valued. It will not give back 2 or more results for the same input.

  3. 1) The vending machine shares similar characteristics with a function. For example, there is an input (money) and an output (product) as well as a relation between the input and output (more money = higher quality product).

    2) Another analogy would be a lightbulb. Electricity is channeled into it, being the input, and is converted to light, which is the output. The greater the current, or amount of electricity, the brighter the lightbulb will be.

    3) There is only one answer to the function (it is linear.)

  4. This comment is Dylaine's answers, and I am helping her post this as she has some problems with her account.

    1. A function is where the second number is a result of the first, which is like a vending machine where the food that comes out is a result of the coins that go in.
    2. Another analogy is of a conversation, where thoughts and opinions go in and out of the mouths or heads.
    3. The assumption made is that it is a linear relationship.

  5. 1) function is like the vending machine where a coin is put in(which is the input) and the product/food/drink will come out(which is the output)

    2) trees photosynthesizing - taking in carbon dioxide, sunlight, water(input) and giving out glucose, oxygen, water(output)

    3) it's linear relationship

  6. 1. A function, like the vending machine has both input and output.

    2. Another good analogy would be the digestive system. You eat food and poop comes out.

    3. That it is a linear relationship and there's only one answer.

  7. 1. It is like a function, because in a function we have to have an input and an output, like in the case of a vending machine, the input is the money, while the output is the FOOD. :D

    2. Another good analogy would be an examination, you input answers into the exam paper, and the output would be your results/score for the exam.

    3. The assumption would be that it is a linear relationship and only one answer can be achieved from it.

  8. 1. The vending machine is used as an example there is an input and output that we can easily identify and further understand the meaning and application of topic 'function'.

    2.Another analogy would be like paying for your food at Macdonalds',you would pay for your food (input) and your food would be given to you(output).

    3. The assumption is that there will only be one input for one output.

  9. 1. How vending machine operates is similar to how function works. When we "input" certain amount of money to buy something into the vending machine, it will give us the food/drinks that we want as "output".
    2. Another good analogy is cooking. (input: ingredients. Output: delicacy)
    3. The assumptions is that it is in a linear relationship.

  10. 1. The vending machine is used to show how when a certain number is input+money (To select your selection) the vending machine would output food/drink/whatever is to be sold.
    2. I think another good analogy is baking (input: Different type of inredients+differnet sort of baking. Output: Bread/cake/cookie ect. (hopefully))
    3.Assumption is everything is a linaer relationship, you can't cook crab and expect lamb.