In this experiment, You have to use the POE thinking routine approach to learn about the temperature change in 2 scenarios.

in brief
  • Predict by sketching the possible relationships between Temperature against time for BOTH scenarios. Indicate any intersections, turning points and any other possible characteristics based on your prediction.
  • You are given 40 minutes to do prediction, experiments, discussions and uploading of presentation on the S3-05 class Math blog (create a new page). You have to decide on the time and task management. 
  • Follow the format of your Presentation for BOTH scenarios as shown below.

in detail
  1. Post your PREDICTION in the Class mathematics blog. 
    1. Include a Sketch (you may use any sketching tools) and 
    2. a brief writeup of the Predicted mathematical model Example. Quadratic with a maximum turning point at ...(BEFORE THE EXPERIMENT)
  2. Conduct the scenario and OBSERVE patterns, unusual phenomena /patterns /observations (if any). You may repeat it a few times. 
    1. Do a screen capture and post your experimental findings and 
    2. identify the Mathematical model(s) that best suit the graphical function(s). example Linear from 0-4 s and then Quadratic etc.  
  3. EXPLAIN your Prediction and Observations by posting the following in your blog.
    1. Compare and contrast the predictions with the actual results, are there any significant differences? Why?
    2.  What are the characteristics of the graphs?
      • a.    the slope from start to finish (steeper, gentler)
      • b.    intersections with axes (if any)
      • c.     possible turning point (if any)
      • d.    any asymptote?
      • e.    And any other evidence
  4. What are the assumptions you have to make for this experiment? What are the sources for discrepancies?
Sample format:


Start with your prediction: Predict the relationship between temperature against time when you place the probe in hot water ONLY

Predict the relationship between temperature against time when you add few ice cubes into the hot water

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