Double period lesson summary - 7/3/13

Try solving this without your calculator
(lg 5)^2 + lg 2(lg 50)

E Maths Paper(First Period)
Remember to attach the weakness/strengths and goals paper behind the paper.

Common errors
Q1. Forgot to simplify
Q2. Overcomplicated the question, wrong assumptions
Q3a. Forgot the +-
Q4a. Multiplication errors
Q4d. No explanation for rejection of answer
Q5c.  Remember brackets for coordinates (Also remember that the graph should cover 75% of the graph paper)

Quadratic(Second Period)


Newer Stuff
D- discriminant derived from quadratic general formula, sqrt(b^2-4ac)

 More Important parts:
x^2-(-b/a)x+(c/a) = 0
x^2-(α+β)x+(αβ) = 0
(-b/a = α+β and c/a = αβ)

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  1. Bowen - certainly this is just short of me typing the summary myself. The objective is for you to learn and improve. Think about it.